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Vivo V21 An Impressive Mobile Phone
March 22, 2022 Comments..0

Like the Flip, the Vivo smartphone is a powerful smartphone that offers excellent value for money. The powerful Android OS and its advanced connectivity options compliment an easy to use interface and give it all the features you’d expect. vivo v21 from a modern smartphone. In this article we take a detailed look at some of the Vivo V21’s key connectivity options and how they help you get more out of your phone.

Connectivity is at the heart of what make mobile phones so desirable and so popular. A phone without any decent amount of connectivity and apps that don’t work well are like having no colour TV, no music player, no computer and few decent games. Thankfully, the Vivo V21 comes with a wide range of excellent apps and a complete suite of android services – from email to music. Connectivity is one of the things that makes or breaks a smartphone, so it’s good to see Vivo take care of this area and ensure it performs as well as it can for you.

With a large and bold screen, the Vivo V21 looks the part. The 6.2 inch screen is just about perfect for viewing media and taking photos and videos, even in bright light. The large size also helps the Vivo V21 to fit in your pocket, even when it’s folded up, which is a great selling point for a smartphone. The Vivo also has a large, 4.7 inch rear camera, which is one of the best on a smartphone, allowing it to provide you with clear images all the time. The rear camera also handles video calls impressively, and the software required to watch videos on the Vivo V 21 easily integrates with most smartphone apps. The OIS camera also allows the Vivo V 21 to take quality pictures in any light.

The body of the smartphone isn’t just chunky, but also heavy. At first, it may feel like the Vivo V 21 is too heavy for you to easily use, but once you get used to it, you’ll find that it isn’t a problem at all. The phone is only really suited to use on a desk or table, which explains why the build quality on the device isn’t as robust as you might expect. The phone flexes quite easily, but you should still avoid dropping it – the curved back of the device can easily absorb impact.

The physical home button on the top of the smartphone is easy to press, but this button also acts as the fingerprint scanner on the phone. This feature allows you to quickly log into your Google account, Google Play, Gmail and much more from just one button. The capacitive buttons are smooth and responsive, and even the dreaded red ring of death isn’t a problem when using the phone. The soft silicone skin on the back of the phone ensures that there’s nothing to grip onto, ensuring that the phone is easy to hold.

Aesthetics aside, the Vivo V 21 really does look great. The latest smartphones are all a little bit clunky, but the manufacturer manages to keep them at a reasonable level by using glass and aluminium. There’s no real design standout, but the two colours used on the body do combine quite well to make the phone look slightly futuristic. The two colours don’t clash at all, with the shimmery silver border around the device providing the only difference.

The phone runs on a 5G chipset from Samsung, but there’s no word on whether it will be supported by any future Android devices. The MT67ulus dimensity 800u is the standard for high definition televisions, so you should know that you’re getting excellent sound clarity on the V 21. It also comes with a facial recognition software package from Google called Now On Tap, which means you can get access to your favourite media instantly. There’s not much more to the phone other than that, but it doesn’t detract from its beauty and performance.

Despite being one of the most impressive handsets on the market today, the Vivo V21 struggles to compete with the much more expensive HTC Desire and iPhone 6s. Despite having a larger display, the size of the camera is much smaller than many rivals, resulting in poor low-light photos. This isn’t a big problem, though, as the lack of OIS means that the image processing is likely to be poor. The battery life is also poor, though, so it’s best to use this smartphone for light tasks like streaming music and video.

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